Personalised Sticker Pack


Custom Sticker Pack, comprising 163 stickers in five different sizes. Made of durable vinyl with high-tack adhesive, our stickers can be customised with 9 different colour palettes, 8 fonts and 11 artwork themes.


Never lose your things again! Our bulk pack contains 163 stickers of multiple sizes, perfect for labelling your back-to-school supplies or most precious belongings.

Made of a durable matt vinyl with high-tack adhesive, our stickers are not only stylish and fun but extremely long lasting. Choose from 9 colour palettes, 8 fantastic fonts and 11 gorgeous artwork themes for the ultimate in personalised labels.


45 mm lunchbox sticker
12 large stickers (72mm x 21mm)
26 medium stickers (47mm x 16mm)
56 pencil stickers (35mm x 8mm)
24 button stickers (21mm diameter)

Additional information

Dimensions 160 × 240 × 2 cm


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